How to Find and Add a Patient

Step 1:

Once you’ve logged into the system and before you add a patient name do a search to make sure the patient name isn’t already in the system. If the patient is there double click on the name to open the chart. If the patient isn’t there, click “add Patient”.

Step 2:

Once the “Choreography Patient Demographics” box opens click on “New Patient”.

Step 3:

Make sure the fields that are highlighted in yellow are filled out: First Name, Last Name, Office, Provider, Sex and Date of Birth. Once all information is entered on the patient click “Save Patient”.

Step 4:

Once you click “Ok” for both boxes you can click “New Patient” or if you are done just click on the “X”.  Then search for the patients name in the search bar to pull up the patient that was just entered. Double click to open the patient chart.


To watch a video of how to find and add a patient, please click links below.

Finding a Patient

Adding a Patient

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