How to Add A Billing Code

  1. In the right-hand menu, navigate to the category in which you would like to add your new codes.
  2. Right click anywhere in the white space surrounding the existing code entries and select "add/edit items." This will launch a pop-up box for item entry.

Notice the two buttons in the middle of the pop-up box: "add mode" and "edit mode." Selecting "edit mode" allows you to edit an existing selected item, and selecting "add mode" allows you to add a new item (even if an existing item is selected).

  1. Enter the code name into the "abnormal" text box. From the "code type" drop-down menu, select your code type (usually either ICD-9 or CPT). In the "Code" box, enter the code number.
  2. Click save. Your added or edited item will appear in the list. (Note that if spell check activates, you may need to click save again after interacting with the spell check pop-up box.)
  3. Click close. Your new item will appear in the right-hand control. (Note that the code number is present immediately in the background, and it will appear the next time the template is opened.)
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